You do not have to hire a Professionl Stager, but…

…not using a professional stager in the current real estate market is like leaving money on the table in the sale of your home. Why take that chance?

Although professional staging is a relatively new industry, people have been “fixing up” their homes to sell for decades. These days, due to HGTV, home buyers have an “expectation” and are willing to pay quite a bit more for a home that is perceived to be like a “model home”.

“Buyers aren’t just making an investment in a property, they are purchasing a place to call home; a place to raise their children; to begin a new chapter; or to retire to a new season of life.”

Jon Smaby, President | National Association of Realtors

If you could get 10% MORE on the sale of your home, how much would that be? HSR Certified Stagers average 10% more for their clients.

So what is professional staging? It is the preparation of a home to sell by a professional who specializes in this form of design and has been certified and trained on the art of home staging. Many misleading definitions stop at the word “sell” which has created the big misconception and devaluation of home staging. A professional home stager has the expertise, the resources and can objectively view a home as a product and highlight its assets while downplaying its flaws. The home seller cannot view their own home objectively, while many successful Realtors do not have the time or resources to properly stage a home.

How much does it cost? For as little as a few hundred dollars, you can have a certified stager walk your home and create a detailed list of what you can do to maximize the value of your home.

The housing market is good, so why do I need to stage? Even if your house sells quickly, it does not mean that it sold for the top dollar of a professionally staged home. Remember, HSR Certified staged homes sell on average of 10% more in a good market than those that are not staged.