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Our design approach is to use our 8-Steps Feel Home Process in each room you would like to address, so that you FEEL HOME in your own home. We use what you already have and love to create environments that feel fresh, new, updated and comfortable for you and your family. During our initial session, one of our designers will meet with you to walk and assess your property to layout a strategy for best accomplishing your goals and expectations. We will also address any areas of concern as well as offer potential solutions. Our complete POSH design process is as follows: Consultation – Design Phase – Project Management – Install. However, we also have a process for our DIY minded clients.

Redesign Consultation & Action Plan

During this two hour consultation we will begin with a thorough walk through and evaluation of each room you wish to update. With the redesign process, clutter elimination, organization techniques, assessment of furniture layout, accessory additions, lighting and/or paint recommendations and small home repairs will be assessed. In addition, together we will incorporate those special personal elements that make your home a reflection of you!

After the consultation, you will be provided with a detailed Action Plan of what was discussed including painting, small home repairs, landscaping, electrical work or any other discussed modernizations.

Redesign Color Consultation

Color is central to the emotion one feels when entering into a space. Color is visceral. In fact, each color is emotional, so when combined with the overall effect of a room it can have an amazing or devastating effect! Color can perform a multitude of roles and can affect a person’s emotions, energy level, and sense of order, or disorder. Color also sets a tone in interiors and can make it seem formal or informal, masculine or feminine, coolly aloof or warm and welcoming.

In our time together, we will walk throughout your home, complete a quick questionnaire taking into account the home’s color cues, and have fun picking a color palette that is all about you — creating a personal, emotional and pleasing environment that reflects your personal tastes, personality and room use.

Hands-On Redesign / Styling Services

This styling service is all about rolling up our sleeves and physically re-styling the main areas of the home based upon the Redesign Consultation and Action Plan Report recommendations. You won’t believe the difference a few hours makes just using what you already own!

  • We will make HUGE transformations using what you already own to make the most of each space!
  • We will also bring in gorgeous styling accessories in order to give you a visual shopping list so you know what to shop for in creating those special touches or we can shop for you prior to arrival (additional shopping fee applies);
  • I will leave you with a list of additional items to be completed at the end of our allotted time.
  • Redesign Installs and Styling typically require up to 4 hours; whereas larger homes may require a full day.
  • Phased Design-Shop-Install options are available. Call for more details.


  • Half-Day Home Styling/Mini Makeover
  • Full-Day Home Power Makeover

Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to designer arriving
(Any additional hours reverting to our hourly rate)

Renovation Services & Our Process


Design Phase: Once we have completed our Design Consultation where we have consulted with you to ascertain your goals, interviewed people who will use the space, taken measurements of your space, hone in on your style and lifestyle needs, we will begin to prepare a plan for your space. Plans encompass room inspiration, sourcing fixtures, tile, furnishings and accessories, mood boards and cosmetic enhancements.

Project Management & Procurement: Once design plans are finalized and approved, we become your feet on the ground. During this phase, we will begin ordering all approved pieces (furniture, fixtures, accessories, flooring, etc), talking to trade partners, tracking, confirmations, handling damages and returns, arranging deliveries, room rearranging, install and styling of rooms. Any cosmetic finishes and enhancements will be scheduled via a Third Party Contractor, where I will meet you at the vendor shop or direct you after a finish is chosen for approval. Cosmetic enhancements will be completed before installation services can be initiated.

Install Phase: The Installation is the final step in the design process. It typically takes one to two full days for all of your design elements to come together. During this time furniture is delivered, accessories are placed, art is hung, window treatments are installed, and all other finishing touches are executed. We typically ask clients to be away on install day(s) so that they can return for a big reveal. 


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